Blender 2.8 & Substance Painter – Modeling & Texturing A Stylized Shotgun

In this series of videos, I will walk you through my concept, modeling, and texturing process.

This is a narrated video tutorial for intermediates. Focusing on modeling in Blender 2.8* and texturing Substance Painter. I focus on explaining my process, not the tools.

The videos are time-lapsed and total around 1h 30m.

This is an excerpt from part of the tutorial. It will give you a good overview of my narration.:

I cover the following topics:

  • Concept with Grease Pencil in Blender
  • High Poly modeling in Blender
  • Low Poly (Game Mesh) modeling and UV’s in Blender
  • Texturing in Substance Painter

The files also include a blender file with the render setup including the finished textures and materials.

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