Blender 3D Modeling for Beginners

If you want to learn 3D using Blender from zero, meaning no prior experience needed at all. Then you’ve come to the right place. This course will teach you the fundamentals and 3D modeling skills using Blender.

The curriculum of this course is carefully designed so that students can learn gradually from the easiest lesson to the more advanced lessons seamlessly. This will ensure the fastest path for you to master Blender even with no prior experience at all.


  • Learn the essentials such as: Blender’s UI, viewport navigation, object operation, transformation, 3D coordinate, reference and object’s origin etc.
  • Learn 3D modeling fundamentals. Some of them are: advanced mesh selection, knife tool, inset, extrude, bevel, loop cut etc. Learn the difference between deleting, dissolving, collapsing and how to patch holes in the geometry using various techniques etc.
  • Exercise with hands-on projects. We’re going to model: kindergarten chair, dining table, wardrobe, coffee table, security outpost and a fish submarine model suitable for game assets. etc.
  • And so much more! Please check the curriculum section below for the complete insight of the content.
  • You will also get all of the project files needed to do the exercises.

So join now and take your first step into the world of 3D with Blender!



Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Conventions and disclaimer


Lecture 3: Blender UI
Lecture 4: Customizing the UI
Lecture 5: Mouse viewport navigation
Lecture 6: Keyboard viewport navigation
Lecture 7: Basic object operations
Lecture 8: 3D view settings
Lecture 9: Transformations
Lecture 10: Advanced transformation
Lecture 11: Coordinate reference
Lecture 12: Interaction mode
Lecture 13: The origin
Lecture 14: Unit & measurement
Lecture 15: Object duplication
Lecture 16: Pivot point
Lecture 17: Display mode
Lecture 18: Snapping
Lecture 19: Modifier
Lecture 20: Creating symmetrical object


Lecture 21: Project simple table
Lecture 22: Advanced selection
Lecture 23: Selection mode custom shortcut
Lecture 24: Mesh selection methods
Lecture 25: Modifying mesh selection
Lecture 26: Adding edges
Lecture 27: Inset, extrude and bevel
Lecture 28: Project: Kindergarten chair
Lecture 29: Deleting and patching
Lecture 30: Merging vertices
Lecture 31: Project: Wardrobe
Lecture 32: Good vs. bad geometry
Lecture 33: Normal direction
Lecture 34: Face smoothing
Lecture 35: Project: Coffee table
Lecture 36: Splitting and separating object
Lecture 37: Matcap & AO
Lecture 38: The undo system
Lecture 39: Project: Security outpost part 1
Lecture 40: Project: Security outpost part 2
Lecture 41: Project: Fish submarine part 1
Lecture 42: Project: Fish submarine part 2


Lecture 43: Proportional editing
Lecture 44: Vertex group
Lecture 45: Simple deformation: Twist
Lecture 46: Simple deformation: Bend
Lecture 47: Lattice modifier
Lecture 48: Mesh deform modifier
Lecture 49: Curve modifier
Lecture 50: Project: Coconut tree basics
Lecture 51: Project: Coconut tree trunk
Lecture 52: Project: Coconut tree leaves

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