Blender Quick Start Guide for Maya Animators

Blender Quick Start Guide for Maya Animators

Welcome to the blender quickstart guide for maya animators.

I want to help guide fellow Maya Animators, to learn Blender as quickly as possible and start animating!

This is not an intro to animation or how to animate video, but rather a guide for maya animators looking to get an understanding of Blender as it relates to animation.


Narrated video tutorials (1.5 hours) that will guide you through Blender’s animation tools and workflows to get you up and running quickly.

Topics Covered

  • Resources
  • UI Basics
  • Move Rotate Scale
  • Select, Cursor and Annotate
  • Viewport
  • Camera
  • Outliner and Sidebar (Channelbox)
  • Importing and Referencing Rigs (Append and Link)
  • Pose Mode
  • Proxy Rigs
  • Keyframes
  • Graph Editor
  • Basic Workflow
  • Playblast
  • Rendering
  • Video Editor
  • Import Audio
  • Import Images


Rigs by:

About Me

I’m a professional in the entertainment industry since 2003 and have worked on various projects in film and video games.

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