Blockout Tool: Stylized Male SuperHero

As a huge fan of blocking out method, I created this tool for helping out the sculpting process of a stylized superhero.
Face, arms, eyelids, and eyes are already split into different subtool layers so that you can easily pose it as you want using gizmos or transpose.
All the muscle shapes are split as different polygroups so that you can easily move them using a “move topological” brush or editing with different brushes.

If you are using an “inflate” or a “clay” brush for example just make sure the “mask by polygroups” button is checked (within the “automasking section of the brush menu).

This way you can edit each single muscle volume without splitting it as separated subtools.
Otherwise, you can just isolate a single polygroup and splitting it as a new subtool.

The .ztl file is for zbrush 2019 only, but you can easily import the .fbx file for older versions of zbrush and for other software too

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