Boys and Girls Character Characters Rigged

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These cute characters made in Blender 3.0. Their outfits are textured and some of them including normals. They also has a fully featured rig to make a range of expressions and animations. It’s amazing to see these lovely friends come to life.

Model information: 6 Characters ( 3 Boys, 3 Girls).

  • The models are medium resolution and all meshes are UV unwrapped. 
  • Verts: ~47000 (for each characters).
  • Faces: ~46000 (for each characters).

Clothing Information: Clothes rests over the hollow body mesh. Each clothing piece is rigged and textured, and can be toggled on and off in the outliner.

File types:

  • Blender – native file, medium resolution, fully rigged and textured.

Textures: 33 in total. Resolution:

  • 4096*4096, 2048*2048, 1024*1024 for Outfits and Eyes.
  • 4096*4096 for Skin.

Rig information: The rig has many features like IK/FK snaps. For all of the features to work, it requires the included plugins. The rig was made with Autorig Pro. It’s a great rig to work with. There is more information on how it works here:

Partial list of rig features:

  • IK/FK snaps for hands and feet.
  • Head locking.
  • Elbow and Knee pinning.
  • Foot roll.
  • Heel lift (tiptoes).
  • Shapekeys with drivers (to help alleviate over pinched arms and legs).
  • 22 Pose library with 12 facial expressions.


  • HDRI environment ready.
  • Eyes Texture easy to modify with nice prepared nodes.

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