Script – BrickIt for Maya

BrickIt will allow you to  quickly and easily build Lego models in Maya with the same feeling as in real-life!

Early Access
Be aware that is the first version of BrickIt. Everything is working fine and there is already a lot of basic bricks – but I’ll make frequent updates with new bricks and feature in the coming months.


Be sure to check out the trailer


Free Demo of BrickIt Script is available here.


Features to come

  • Frequent addition of new bricks
  • More Materials
  • Technic Library
  • Decals Tab
  • Minifig Tab
  • Timelapse animation

Be aware that’s for now 

– There not all bricks library.
– There no decals system.
– There no Minifig.
– Brick are not geomety/uv editable.
– BrickIt can only work with Arnold.

BrickIt is only working on Maya 2018 and higher for Windows, MacOs and Linux.
You need to have at least Arnold Mtoa 3.1.1 (for aiRoundCorner node).


  • BrickIt Script (v1.40).
  • All Updates
  • Support
  • Tutorial and Demo


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