Bridge Pro | Maya Plug-in

The New Handy Bridge Tool for Maya

  • Creates Auto bridges one by one, between edge loops.
  • Creates Triangle bridge
  • Creates Ngon bridge
  • Works also like Fill hole tool


  • Put the file into \Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20XX\bin\plug-ins
  • Run Maya and go to Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manage
  • In the list of plug-ins, find the ‘bridgePro’, check the ‘Loaded’ and ‘Auto load’ checkboxes.
  • In the Hotkey editor add the hotkey for bridgePro using MEL or Python commands below:
  • MEL: bridgePro
  • Python: cmds.bridgePro()

Available command flag: hrd or hardEdges  creates new faces with hard edges. False – by default.

  • MEL: bridgePro -hrd 1
  • Python: cmds.bridgePro (hrd=1)

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