Bring your Character to Life! Rigging and Animation in Unreal

2.5 hours of content, showing how to import you skinned mesh character, create modules for your rig (Fk/Ik chains, Snapping, Spline Ik, Space Switch, and more) and animate directly in Unreal using Sequencer or retargeting from an existing animation.

Module 1

Lesson 1 – Importing a character into Unreal

Lesson 2 – Introduction to Control Rig

Lesson 3 – Creating Functions for Control Rig

Module 2

Lesson 1 – Leg – Setup Event

Lesson 2 – Leg – Ik, Fk, Snapping Ik Fk, Hide Controls, Foot Roll, Auto PoleVector

Lesson 3 – Arm – Reusing Ik and Fk functions, Hands and Fingers, Clavicle

Lesson 4 – Space Switching

Lesson 5 – Spine – Spline Ik and Fk, Snapping

Lesson 6 – Facial – Eye, Mouth, Eyebrows, Jaw

Lesson 7 – Helmet and Wings- using curve as input to drive controls

Lesson 8 – Cleaning up and organizing the rig

Module 3

Lesson 1 – Backwards Solve

Lesson 2 – IK Rig and Retargeting

Lesson 3 – Animating in Sequencer

Lesson 4 – Baking out Animation Asset and Rendering

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