Bumarin for Sculptor – Blender 3.3 (addon With Infinite Update)

What is Bumarin?

Bumarin is an environment in which the user draws 3D mesh thanks to the grease pencil. The initial idea is based on the approach of traditional sculpture that from a set of clay pieces generates a unified sculpture. Bumarin thus proposes 7 pencils allowing to generate 3D pieces of clay, each pencil having its own specificity.

Why Bumarin?

What you draw is what you sculpt (WYDIWYS).
Behind each grease pencil stroke there is an hidden 3D mesh and it only depends on you to reveal it with your creativity … It’s a totally new way of sculpting and concept sketching!

What is it made for?

Bumarin is useful for:

  • Sculpting, anatomy, organic /fractal modeling
  • Prototyping and concept sketching


  • 7 pencils: Claypencil, Tubepencil, Revpencil, Dynaclay, Dynatube, Sonic Bum and Leeloo
  • Parametric clays (adjust manually or through parameters your clays)
  • Instant brushes creation with the Sonic Bum brush manager
  • Sonic clay and Sonic Draw (extend your clay or your draw into multiple instances)
  • Better shape control (each clay is a shape you can edit easily as if it was a Mask)
  • Smart remeshing (live voxel and decimate tool, decimate by island, Quadriflow)
  • Generate high detailed geometry models in few seconds
  • Fractal / pattern recognition oriented modeling
  • Manage a splitted model / unified sculpt (Clay mode / Baked mode)
  • Create and share your own brushes


Inside the package?

  • Bumarin addon
  • Documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • Free updates

For more information you can visit and contact me on facebook , my youtube channel or take a look at Bumarin basics


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