Bus Stop

Hey guys ! 🙂

I’ll just made for fun a european(hungarian) bus stop building . 🙂

  • It was Made in 3ds max and texturing in substance painter and rendered in marmoset toolbag
  • In the pack are 1 main texture folder , and inside are 3 more. ( clear glass, metal colors, softdirt glass)
  • You can make many variatons . It’s up to you 🙂 I did some to show you .
  • Also i made a White colored metal base texture to have a start to make your own custom colors later .
  • I’ll hope you will like it 🙂
  • The size are 2048×2048.
  • The model has 2 material. one for the body and another for the glass .

    in the glass texture ,you can make your own sandwich board so i ‘ll did one just to show you . And sorry for that . it may not be logical , but there wasn’t any uv space in the main body.
    There are 42 textures

    15 base color
    4 normal
    4 metallic
    4 roughness
    4 specular
    4 AO
    3 opacity
    4 reflection

Have a nice day 🙂

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