Canine Anatomy Model for 3D Artists

Canine Anatomy Model for 3D Artists

Created for production or personal use, this canine anatomy model can be used either for studying animal anatomy or for muscle simulations!
This model can be used most effectively as a learning resource when combined with books, such as those by Eliot Goldfinger or Wilhelm Ellenberger, or other veterinary canine anatomy resources.

 This set includes:

  • ZTL with split subtools including body mesh with Geometry HD subdivisions, and decimated bones and muscles (ZBrush 2020 or later)
  • FBX with all objects
  • .MA file with Arnold shading network, individually named and grouped objects, plus level 1 and level 3 body geometry for rigging and rendering respectively
  • 16 UDIMs of 4k textures; col, spec, norm (excluding body), 32bit disp, plus masks for anatomy labels
  • Anatomy objects = 456k polygons; ZRemesher and automatic UVs
  • level 1 body = 28k polygons; level 3 body = 437k polygons; manual retopology and UVs


Please note: This is not a complete veterinary model. It does not contain nerves, vessels, viscera, or joint structures (eg cartilage, capsule, ligaments, menisci, etc). Some of the muscles have been simplified and stylised for clarity as well as for ease of use in 3D software.

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