Cartoon Cel Shader (unreal Engine4)

Cartoon Cel Shader (Unreal Engine4)

Are you looking for a non post process Cel Shading solution? Look no further! Also includes mesh outlines!



This material is NOT a post process based cel shading solution!

Also includes outlines without post process!

Works on Mobile!

You will receive every asset shown in the video! Including the forest!


Email: [email protected]


Supported Platforms:

Windows, Mobile


  •  Procedural or texture based banding (Cels)
  • Multiple Light Sources (2 Directional Light, 1 Skylight, 25 Point Light Within a certain radius)
  •  Rim light with shadow mask
  •  Stylized Specular and Hair Specular
  • Pattern for that cool comic book effect (screen space or uv space)
  • Normal map and Detail Normal
  • Mesh outline (Invert your mesh and use it as an outline)
  • Animated Outlines
  • Inline
  • CubeMap
  • ID Map

The pack contains:


• 3 Cell Shader material (Opaque, Masked,Translucent)

• Outline materials (Opaque, Masked,Translucent)

• 4 Material function

• A few material instance example


• Forest Demo meshes: Axe, 2 flower, Grass, Hut, Pine tree, 3 rocks, 1 smoke, 1 Trunk, 2 Wind

How to use:

Cel Shader

• Place the BP_DirectionalLight_Dynamic_01 and BP_SkyLight_Dynamic blueprint into your scene

• Create a material instance from M_CelShader

• Apply the instance to your mesh

• Open the created instance for all the option you can tweak


• Place the BP_Outline_SM_Component or BP_Outline_SK_Component Component to your mesh

• Adjust the outline’s parameters in the MI_Outline_Opaque Material instance

• The outline depends on your mesh normals. You can define an adjusted normal mesh as outline mesh if you select the component

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