Cartoon Sky Shader


This Pack is compatible with unreal engine’s sky atmosphere system.



  • Atmospheric or Stylized Sky
  • Easily adjustable colors based on the time of day
  • Gradients from the Sun and Moon


  • Atmospheric or Stylized Sun
  • Variable size based on the time of day
  • Color curves
  • Sun Stripe animation for sunsets
  • Animation for Sun Rays, Sun Glares, and Sun Halos


  • Star Density
  • Color Curves
  • Day and Night visibility
  • Rotation on the sky
  • Animating glares and flares


  • Adjustable moon phase
  • Day and Night visibility
  • Color Curves
  • Moon Fresnel


  • Adjustable cloud shapes
  • Wind Movement
  • Color Curves
  • Cloud Masks
  • Top-Down Shading
  • Dynamic Shading based on the sun’s position
  • Detail Map
  • Cloud Highlights
  • SSS
  • Edge Glow
  • Cloud Distortion
  • Cloud’s edge hardness variation
  • Cloud gradients based on sun position


Email: [email protected]


How to use:

  1. Place the BP_CartoonSky_DayNightCycle into your scene. Select it and define your directional sunlight, directional moonlight, skylight,and height fog. Make sure your directional lights are atmospheric lights. Index of the sun is 0 the atmospheric sun index for the moon is 1
  2. In the BP_CartoonSky_DayNightCycle select a type of cloud and set your Day Night Cycle speed
  3. If you don’t want to use the day night cycle bp place the SM_CartoonSky mesh in the scene, after that create a material instance from M_CartoonSky and apply the instance to the mesh
  4. In project settings enable ” Support Sky Atmosphere Affecting Height Fog “

Materials: 1 Master sky material and 6 instances

The electric poles are included with the package.


This asset is not a weather system yet. You can’t blend various weather effect. The shader is supporting it but there are no blueprints for them in place.

Supported Engine Versions: Unreal 5.0 and up

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