Complete Guide to Substance Painter 2022

“Do you want to learn texturing in Substance Painter from scratch?”

Then I welcome you to this new course – “Complete Guide to Substance Painter 2022” where we will be going through the complete process of learning Substance Painter from a beginner’s perspective and we will also be working on three complete projects.

What you will get:

  • 43 FHD videos with over 10+ hours of content

  • All the resources files required to complete the course including the Models, Substance Painter Files, Textures, Alphas

We will go over all the important tools and concepts in Substance Painter together and nothing will be skipped. This course Is aimed at complete beginners so the only thing you need for this course is a copy of Substance Painter. Even if you do not have Substance Painter instead of buying it, you can get an Educational License if you are a student and get it completely for free or you can get a trial version for 30 days to try it out before buying.

We will go over each and every step in this course together and nothing will be skipped. The course does not have any kind of time-lapse so that you can follow every step easily.

We’ll Go Over:

  • Basic of Substance Painter and Viewport UI

  • Importing your model into Substance Painter

  • Setting up a New Project and Baking Mesh Maps

  • Learn about the all the tools and functions in Substance Painter

  • Learn about materials and Smart Materials and creating your own Smart Materials

  • Learn about Masks, Smart Masks, Geometry Masks

  • Going over different Effects and Filters

  • Texturing 3 complete projects – Fire Extinguisher, Drill Machine, Wooden Table

  • Create various real-life materials like Painted Metal, Plastic, Iron, Rubber, Glass etc.

  • Learn to use Emissive and Opacity maps

  • Learn to add effects like dust, dirt, roughness variations, edge damage and much more.

  • Add stickers/decals to your models to make your textures even more realistic.

  • Exporting Textures from Substance Painter to Blender/Unreal Engine

and many more things…

So, we will be learning a lot. I hope to see you there in the course.

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