Concept Painting in Photoshop

Concept Painting in Photoshop

You’ll learn industry proven concept art techniques which are being used by artists from all over the world. One of the key learning points is to break a big task into smaller and easy-to-solve problems. Henrik breaks the final piece into very separate problems, such as shape-language, composition, lighting, color; finally bringing it all together into a coherent piece.

Amazing Custom Brushes

Get your hands on Henrik’s collection of custom brushes! They will help you get a nice painted feel and generally make all your digital painting more comfortable. The brushes will make it easier to follow along in the tutorial and to improve your own work.

True Foundations

Learn the very basics of how to start producing gorgeous concept art. We demystify what makes a great piece and how to repeat your success time and time again. We are including Henrik’s very own ‘List of Death’, along with concepts such as successfully leading the eye.


Getting the lighting to feel right is incredibly hard. Henrik shows you a way to get comfortable with complex lighting setups in no time. No more will your paintings feel ambiguous and dull! Once the grey-scale lighting has been established, you’ll learn how to turn it into vibrant colors.

Final Photoshop File Included

Follow along with the painting by exploring how Henrik uses his layers and his methodical workflow to his benefit. This file is a great companion to the tutorial as it lets you dissect the project and truly get and understanding of the power behind the madness.

Software Used

Photoshop CS6

Files Included

Final Photoshop Project File
WIP PSD files
Custom Photoshop Brushes
The List of Death
Chapter Notes
Training Videos

Chapter List

  • 01 Workflow
  • 02 – List of Death
  • 03 – Lazy Nezumi Pro
  • 04 – Brushes
  • 05-1 – Composition Theory
  • 05-2 – Composition
  • 06 – Lighting
  • 07 – Color
  • 08 – All Goes Off The Rails


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  • excellent insight

    It´s a very good peek to the tools , workflow and creative thinking on the making of a professional animation background in an especific (and beautyfull) style.

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  • Not a Photoshop Tutorial

    Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that this is not a Photoshop tutorial, even less a painting course, Henrik give some brief tips about these during the tutorial though . However, it is necessary a previous knowledge on the software and maybe on lighting and shading as well.

    Another topic that must be mentioned is that Henning has a relevant participation in most of the videos. (Don’t know why I thought only Henrik would host the series).

    The main idea behind this series is to optimize the process of concept painting in Photoshop, painting smartly, I mean.

    The focus of the tutorial is the workflow. The both of them explain the idea of having a delicate workflow, dividing it in many steps as possible.
    Not only do they explain the process step by step, but also make you understand their use and their need. That further understanding of the workflow makes you able to apply what you’ve learnerd in all kinds of projects or even build your own workflow, instead of just reproducing it.

    I would definitely recommend this for those who can’t finish a painting because at a certain point it gets all messed up, caused by poor organisation, or those who seek a production point of view from the process of concept painting.

    Is a tutorial full of relevant information and improvements in productivity.

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