Work Like the Pros

Learn how to make stunning clothing – using Marvelous Designer and ZBrush! In this FlippedNormals Tutorial Series, we are covering cutting edge techniques used on some of the biggest films and games out today!

Designed for Characters

Concepting with Marvelous Designer & ZBrush is designed for both newcomers and artists experienced with other 3D software – You’ll learn a lot regardless of your skill-level. Having Marvelous Designer in your toolbelt is a necessity if you want to create believable characters!

Joining Forces

One of the big challenges when going from Marvelous and ZBrush is getting them to work together. We take you through simple, yet industry proven methods, to ensure you always get the results you expect. More importantly – you can spend your time creating gorgeous images instead of dealing with technical issues.

4 Hours of Comprehensive Training

We aim to bring you quality over quantity and as with all of our tutorials try to focus on both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’. We’ve spread this series over 4 hours to keep you engaged and give you the most important bits to get you started concepting with Marvelous Designer & ZBrush.

What You’ll Learn

We start out by giving you a brief introduction to Marvelous Designer; you’ll have a good idea of how to use the software by the end of it. Once you understand how it works, we move on to creating some simple fabrics, such as trousers and a tanktop. We are also talking about properties of fabric – how is silk different from demin? Next up, we are starting on a more complicated piece of clothing – where we spend most of our time: The windbreaker jacket. This is an excellent piece of clothing to cover as it has a lot of interesting problems to solve.

We jump into ZBrush once we’ve finished up our windbreaker. ZBrush is a great tool for enhancing our fabric. We are combining the proceduralness and the ease of use of Marvelous Designer with the precision and control of ZBrush. This gives us amazing results in a short amount of time. Zippers, stitches and final details are then added for the last bit of realism!

For anyone using Marvelous Designer in a pipeline, we are also giving you some nice tips and tricks on how to drastically improve your workflow!

What They Say

“FlippedNormals deliver expert knowledge with a playful humour that keeps you engaged. I can’t think of a better way to learn Marvelous Designer”
Sam Gordon – Senior Modeler formerly at WETA and ILM.

Software Used

  • ZBrush 4R7 P3

Files Included

  • Final ZBrush Project File
  • Final Marvelous Designer Project File
  • Base Meshes
  • Reference images
  • Training Videos
  • Hotkey List

Chapter List

  • 01 – Intro To Marvelous
  • 02 – Importing Your Avatar
  • 03 – Reference Images
  • 04 – Our First Fabrics
  • 05 – Simulation
  • 06 – Blocking Out the Jacket
  • 07 – Adjustments and Internal Lines
  • 08 – Posing with Morph Targets
  • 09 – Export Settings
  • 10 – Prepping In Zbrush
  • 11 – Detailing In Zbrush
  • 12 – Zipper and Straps


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  • Very helpful

    Found it an excellent intro while also showing the transfer to Zbrush. As usual, the instructor goes beyond and also talks alot about the why while also showing the how. Great tips and I find myself coming back to things I didn’t fully remember, but at least I know it was covered there.

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  • Great stuff.

    This is great. Really nice to see the workflow between the two programs. Also good as a sort of intro to Marvelous Designer, though I had to supplement it with some other intro videos. This meets their usual standards of being absolutely packed with useful, practical information. Well worth the investment in time and the price. Highly recommended.

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  • Good tutorial going over the basics

    I enjoyed this tutorial a lot and got great stuff out of it, especially as it relates to workflow in MD. On the downside, at times it was a bit too chatty for my taste, and I feel there was a lot of time wasted on sculpting in zbrush that could have been better used otherwise. Coverage of the tools is very light going over just the very basics. Again great intro showing the overall way to work in MD and some basic tools.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Just what I needed.

    This tutorial covered just about everything I needed in order to get marvolous into my workflow. So many good techniques here. The only thing that I felt like could have been covered better was scale from zbrush to marvolous. I’m still a little confused about this. If I scale my model in zbrush to match the scale in cm in marvoulous, the model ends up being too big to do much with in zbrush – like the brush size at it’s highest is tiny. It would have been great instead of just mentioning how scale works, to actually show how you should scale objects and export in zbrush. Also, it would have been a nice touch to show the process of creating the posed versions of the model all the way. But overall, this was super good and worth the price.

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  • Absolutely loved it

    I started by watching the free chapter on youtube before buying this. I was a total beginner that had never even opened marvelous before.

    This tutorial is just amazing. The first chapter went through all the steps that one needs to understand marvelous and how to use it, then the next chapters explained pretty much everything that is necessary to build your own fabrics.

    All the chapters are very well laid out and tidy, which made me come back again and again to watch the parts that I needed for my own projects. The extra two videos and zbrush chapters also included some amazing tips that I actually used for my projects already. Extremely useful and resourceful (not to mention that the humor and character of the tutor made this fun to watch as well)

    Definitely a must have for someone that wants to learn Marvelous Designer.

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