Create a Sci-fi 3D Animation Loop in Autodesk Maya

Create a Sci-Fi 3D Animation Loop in Autodesk Maya

Want to create an Instagram-worthy 3D animation loop? Or just want to increase your 3D skillset with a unique project?

This course is for you.

This course was geared more towards someone who has opened Maya before, like one of my previous students. But if you’re an ambitious person and never tried 3D, I believe it’s still possible to follow along step-by-step and achieve the same result I demonstrate in class.

Our project will be to use motion capture animation and some simple procedural modeling techniques to make a loopable planet surface and astronaut walking animation. We are going to add our own custom animation on top of the mocap as well with two options for beginner and advanced users. There are many unique techniques in the course that is sure to help your future(istic) projects!

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Procedurally model a loopable environment
  • Import and work with mocap animation
  • Precisely calculate how to loop your animation and environment
  • Create an “HIK” rig on top of your mocap
  • Use simple expressions to solve common problems
  • Fix and add animation on top of your mocap with animation layers
  • Reduce render time as much as possible
  • Use Arnold to light, shade, and render your scene

I’m excited to share this unique course where you are sure to learn something new and have a cool animation to share by the end of the course. I look forward to seeing how you make this animation your own.

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