Creating a 3D Illustration | Modelling & Texturing

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating ‘The Journey’. I will be explaining my texturing and modelling techniques, talk about the challenges and give you my best tips and tricks on creating a successful project of this scale. Additionally, we’ll have a look at how to create an appealing flat shaded look with outlines and how to model economically when the workload is big. I hope you’ll find this tutorial useful, and hopefully, you will be able to use it to enhance your own work.

What you’ll get:

  • A 16 page PDF tutorial explaining the process from start to finish. The main focus will be on modelling and texturing.
  • The brush pack used to create the hand-painted textures.
  • You’ll receive the male character, Hiroshi, who’s sitting on the turtle as an OBJ with all texture maps. This allows you to dissect and study the modelling and texturing up close.

Buy the full 3D project file here

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