Creating Hair for Games in Blender

Learn how to create realistic hair for video games using Blender! In this course, you’ll become familiar with professional hair techniques using Blender and Marmoset. You’ll learn a solid mix between practical 3D techniques and a core understanding of how hair works in the real world. Combine these skills to create stunning hair for any game.

Create Hair in Blender

Using the Particle System in Blender, you’ll get a deep understanding of how you can create hair textures fast and efficiently. Using Xnormal and the addon ‘Hair Tools’ for Blender, you’ll master baking the particle mesh into texture maps. Learn how to place hair cards, grooming and how to make the hair and beard look believable in a professional game environment. Finally, you’ll learn how to shade your hair mesh in real-time using engines like Eevee for Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, and Unreal Engine.

About Your Instructor

Konrad Hetko 3D Character Artist at Teyon, currently working on the new Robocop Game. He specializes in characters and has vast experience using Blender for characters – as well as teaching.

Skill Level

Creating Hair For Games in Blender is designed for intermediate Blender artists, though no experience making hair is required! All the hair tools will be properly explained.


  • 15 Video chapters 
  • Blender Scene Files
  • Final Hair Textures
  • Hair Mesh Files
  • Reference

Chapter List

1 – Hair Theory
2 – Gathering References
3 – Creating Hair Particles
4 – Texture Baking
5 – Preparing Hair Cards
6 – Base Layer Creation
6 – Breakup Phase p2
6 – Breakup Phase
7 – Detailing
8 – Beard Textures
9 – Beard Grooming
10 – Optimization
11 – UE4 Shader
12 – Eevee and Marmoset
13 – End Words


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  • Needs editing and fleshing out. Not worth $40.

    I paid for a class, not a brief overview and then watching in silence as the guy moves stuff around. Also dude needs to learn microphone etiquette. He’s constantly smacking his lips, making noises with his saliva and clearing his throat. It’s disgusting at times.

    2 stars because he does give a few good tips but the rest feels rushed, unprepared and needed oversight.

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