Creating Hellboy (zbrush/substance Painter/maya) – Timelapse + Notes (english)

This tutorial is for people who want to create Demon Character for their portfolio.

You see my full Character Creation process consisting of 23+ Hours of Footage (Only 2x Speed).

There are Notes/subtitles on important places, where I explain what my thought process is, what techniques I use and what my goal is for a particular action.

I show my sculpting Approach and technique to sculpt a Realistic looking Head and Torso. This Part is done 100% in Zbrush.
The Creation of the jacket is only shown in Zbrush where I modify and detail the jacket from Marvelous Designer. I did not record the creation process but I show the Pattern Layout from Marvelous Designer, so you can see how a Coat pattern could look.

After I did surfacing in Zbrush, I show how I create UV’s inside of Zbrush and I move on to Substance Painter where I texture my assetts.

From there I start grooming the Beard in Maya with classic Xgen, later transfer that to interactive Groom.
I do not go over the Shader setup But I included pictures of the Node-tree of every shader in case that is wanted.

Chapter List:


01-07 Head Part 1-7 (Zbrush)
08-12 Body (Zbrush)
13 Pants Detailing (Zbrush)
14-15) Coat (Zbrush)
16) Tertiary Shapes + Surfacing (Zbrush)
17) Hellboy Hand of Doom (Zbrush)
18) Normal Hand (Zbrush)
19) Accessoires Creation (Zbrush)
20) Posing (Zbrush)
21) UV Creation (Zbrush)
22) Texturing Jacket (Substance Painter)
23) Texturing Metal (Substance Painter)
24) Texturing Head (Substance Painter)
25) Texturing Hand of Doom (Substance Painter)
26) Texturing Body (Substance Painter)
27) Texturing Belt (Substance Painter)
28) Texturing Teeth (Substance Painter)
29) Grooming with Xgen (Maya)
27) Adding Tearline (Maya)

Additional Content:

– 12 Tileable Skin displacement textures:

.jpg .PSD .tiff .png

– Shader Network Overview pictures

– Zbrush file (Zbrush 2021.1.5 or higher required to open)

Skill level required: 

Beginner – Intermediate . Should have basic knowledge of software functionality, as basic tools are not explained in this video.

Note: Marvelous Designer process NOT included. Gun + Horseshoe model are taken from my asset library and not modeled.

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