CRTM Creature Teeth Set Pack Free PDF 

CREATURETORIUM’s  Creature Teeth Pack is a collection of comprehensive teeth sets perfect for those interested in Concept creature or character sculpting. These individual teeth assets can be utilized straight-away within any given character or creature. As a resource, these teeth give you every avenue to springboard your own creativity as well.

This Free PDF Overview details of all the files and aspects made available with each teeth set, which includes; Special Features, Subdivisions, Separate Gums, Individual Teeth (with roots) and Tongues. Outside of the teeth parts themselves, these single-teeth sets come with materials and, along with the Pack Product, extra materials to trade between the Gums and Tongues on all sets.

Download this Creature Teeth Set PDF today and view the information stated above. We strive for quality in any assets we create – your project’s success is our success.

Stay creative,

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