Cuba Lounge Chair

A light and flexible folding chair, MG501 Cuba Chair fits well into any room. It’s easy to fold up or hang on the wall and can be stored in a floor stand. The girth of the seat and back provide excellent support and comfort. MG501 is offered in a variety of wood finish and cotton webbing options.

Each model is in a group, each group has a MeshSmooth with 2X subdivision when rendering, the file is big because I saved all 3 open and closed chains with the applied textures, a chair without MeshSmooth has 30k poly, with MeshSmooth x2 it is with 440k poly

  • V-Ray Next    Max 2017
  • Corona 5   Max 2017
  • FBX
  • OBJ
  • Be careful when using previous versions, it will be necessary to make adjustments

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