Deadly Forest – Modular Asset Pack

100+ Meshes and Textures

VR, Mobile – Supported

LIVING content pack, updates provided regularly

Engine and source packages included

Ancient fantasy forest with a variety of eerie and gnarled trees, vegetation and rocks. Great for your next fantasy or horror project! 

  • Set of high quality modular assets and textures for ease of use with level design
  • Advanced Materials within UNREAL Package, bitpacked textures 
  • Range of interior and exterior architecture and props
  • Collisions included

Asset List:
Hero Tree Base 

Hero Tree Addon A

Hero Tree Addon B

Roots Modular x5

Branch Modular  x6

Complete Branch_1 set for Hero Tree LOD 3 (Distance optimized) 

Branch_1 and Leaf variation x12

Branch_3 LOD 1 (Extreme close up, high detail) x3 

Branch_2 LOD 1 (Foreground detailed branches) x4

Branch_3 LOD 2 (Cutout of high detail branch for optimization purposes) x4

Rock prop Modular x5

Ivy x6 (Hero Tree Base addon) 

Hanging Moss X7

Grass x5

Fern x3 (High Detail) 

BYOB Shader Ball 

4 particle systems – Fire, Brazer, Dustfog, Dustmote

Unreal materials use a variety of comprehensive details ie: Multi material blending via masking, wind manipulation, SSS and world-space blending. Landscape and Custom Terrain materials include detailed parameters by vertex weighted blends ie: wetness, animated water puddles, rain and displacement. 

Number of Unique meshes: 70

Collision: Yes, Combination of custom and per-poly collisions. 

Number of Unique Materials: 16

Number of Material Instances: 35

Number of Textures: 80

Texture Resolution: 4096×4096, 2048×2048

Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Mobile, VR and Console

Documentation is included in the root download archive.

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