Dinosaur Mega Pack 2

Dinosaur Mega Pack 2

A set of ten of some of my finest dinosaur creations presented as Ztools.

Check out the video for rotates

The banner image shows the included creatures along with others available in Pack 1

Pack 2 includes:










Utah Raptor

Each creature has UV’s with the low poly averaging between 11k and 32 k.

The high poly versions top out between 11 million polys and 43 million polys.

Provided unpainted (Dinosaur colouration is very subjective) each creature has clean topology with carefully created topology.

I would suggest that should you plan to take these models into Substance painter that you bake your normals in Zbrush. A trip to Substance painter is far less painful when you simply go in there with a low poly mesh and a pre baked Normal map.

Paint, pose, rig, render, decimate and 3D print. I hope that you enjoy these models and I look forward to your feedback.

Look out for further packs of creatures in my store.

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