Displacement/height Maps for Sword &dagger Handles Vol. 1

This is a pack of high resolution seamless displacement maps, used specifically for the creation of ornamented classical sword and dagger grips. The pack is based on historical European and Asian sword examples, and though the assets within can be used for other purposes, it was primarily designed for this.

Each handle asset is in 8k resolution, with 8bit .PNG and 32bit .EXR versions. Most assets come with ID maps for differential texturing of specific parts.

The pack contains:

  • 13 seamless handle assets, each in 8bit .PNG, 32bit .EXR
  • 2 seamless trim atlases for fine sword ornaments with 14 trims in total, each in 8bit .PNG, 32bit .EXR
  • 13 ID maps for their respective assets
  • 1 cavity map for its respective asset

Included is a .blend file with textured demo examples for finished grips. While the main pack does not contain 3d models, only displacement and ID assets, I decided to add a mere demo of the results that can be achieved. After opening the .blend file switch the viewport shading to rendered. The 3d models in this file are in no way optimized or properly unwrapped but feel free to use them if you like them.

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