Dynamic Hard Surface Design in Zbrush

The tutorial is split up into two parts. In the first part, I will explain all the tools and workflows that I use to create a design with Dynamesh in real-time. The second part of this course is a 7 hours time-lapse video where I create a mantis mech on top of scan data from start to finish. It’s broken up into 6 parts with partial voiceover where I’ll explain my thought process, show how to face upcoming problems, and give some general advice, like mindset and how to improve your work. The time-laps will only include the designing stage in Zbrush, not the rendering process or creation of the fur.


  • All tools and workflows I use to create my designs
  • Shape exploration
  • Shape refinement
  • How to solve upcoming technical problems
  • Thought process during the design stage
  • Mental advice


  • 1.5 hours Tools overview
  • 7 hours time-lapse broken up into 6 parts with partial voiceover
  • Macros
  • Custom Material
  • Ui and Hotkeys
  • Obj and Ztl of the Mantis Mech


Intermediate to advanced. If you feel comfortable with the Zbrush UI and know the basics you should be fine.

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