E-on Vue: Create Cg Clouds, Skies & Atmospheres

E-On Vue: Create CG Clouds, Skies & Atmospheres

Welcome, in this course you will learn the techniques to create clouds, skies, and Atmospheres.

What You’ll Learn:

  • I will explain the types of clouds, and which are necessary if you want your artwork to be realistic
  • We will go through the interface of Vue
  • The Atmosphere parameters showing you how to make a clear blue sky or a hazy dark post-apocalyptic scene
  • You will learn cloud parameters to create several types of cloud layers at different altitudes
  • How to limit the cloud layer to a specific area in your scene
  • How to shape an individual cloud
  • Render settings relevant for clouds

Ever wanted to have full control of what the sky should look like in your artwork or VFX? this course is for you.

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