With EasyTerrain 2 you can make beautiful landscapes in a matter of seconds all within the comfort of the Autodesk Maya.

Real-World Data:

Easy Terrain 2 comes with a real-world high map database, that means if you want to make japan you can use the real-world data and make exactly the same terrain that you see in the real world. (currently, it’s limited to some area but my plan is to cover as much of earth as possible)

Work on any mesh:

most of the other tools on the market require you to work on a plane but with easy terrain, you can use any mesh as terrain base whether it’s a simple sphere or a character.

Geo Paint:

something similar to zsketch in Zbrush, with Geo Paint, you can make shapes like rock formations, Corona Arch, stalagmite, stalactites or rock bridges

Easy Texturing:

Easy Terrain texturing is simple and easy, you don’t need to be an expert to make your terrain look beautiful.

Detail maps

you can use detail maps to get amazing details when you get near the surface of the terrain.

Painting Height and Detail map:

if you want an extra level of control over your terrain you can paint heightmaps and detail maps

A ton of new features on their way:

All the updates of Easy Terrain 2 will be free no additional payment requires.

import terrains from other software and mix them in Easy Terrain:

you can use EasyTerrain to bring all your terrains from other software, mix them together and assemble your scene.

Create your own library of terrains:

if you work on a project with lots of terrains you can add them to your library and have access to them at any time.


Fast response to any problems you may encounter you can send your questions directly to my email.

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