Easydust 1.0.0 for Maya

A shot may require some volumetric clouds, or just a quick puff of smoke – and simulating the data each time is slow and unnecessary, that’s why I built the easyDust rig to save time for simple smoke effect shots

This rig takes a non-dynamic fluid container and gives you quick and easy control over the common attributes for creating swirling, volumetric smoke effects. The smoke will animate by default, based on the speed settings. The evolve and rotate channels control the speed at which the fluid moves, I added this to eliminate the need to set keys. You can import this asset – set the evolve speed and animate the scale and transparency to make dissipating puffs of smoke – you can also use it for cloud assets, or that dry ice look to fill a room.

This asset is best used for effects like puffs, clouds and impacts. It is also good for atmospherics like swamp gas for example.

The main controls are consolidated in the CTL object, but you can go into the fluid and adjust color settings and texture methods. By cranking the implode value up and setting the implode center to 1 or 2 you can create streamy wind effects for fast moving scenes.

From one user: “Asset works as intended. This will work great for personal projects; it was used as a a dense fog in our situation with little/no movement.”

If you have any questions, bugs or feature requests please log them in the forum, I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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