Editing Polygons – Beginner Series Volume 3

In this course you will dive deep into the poly modeling tools inside 3DS Max. This will take your modeling skills one step further and guide you to the correct workflows necessary for work in a games studio. You will learn the functions of the edit poly modifier as well as learn how to use splines in your modeling workflow. By the end of this course you will understand the proper procedure for optimizing your meshes for a production environment.

This course is designed to evolve the skills you’ve already picked up in the first two courses. This course is largely focused around the Edit Poly modifier, where as a 3D modeler, you will be doing most of your work.

Edit Poly Modifier

Learn the shortcuts, tips and tricks to use the edit poly modifier in 3DS max like a pro. You will learn how to edit your model in a non destructive way and avoid messy topology.

Prepare Your Models

In the next section of this course you will learn how to properly apply smoothing groups and optimize your 3D meshes. This knowledge is a MUST-KNOW if your plan is to work as a professional in the games industry. It is your job to know this.

Spline Modeling

This course will introduce you to the concepts and practices of spline modeling. Splines are a powerful tool to quickly develop shapes and forms and speed up your modeling. Practice what you learn with fun assignments designed to develop your skill.

Course Content:

 Module 1: The Edit Polygon Modifier

– Module 2: Optimizing Assets

– Module 3: Smoothing Groups

– Module 4: Modeling a Treasure Chest

– Module 5: Intro to Spline Modeling

– Assignment #1: Use Spline to Model Pawn

– Assignment #2: Use Spline to Trace Sports Logo

– Module 6: Modeling Link’s Shield

– Final Assignment: Model a Fancy Chair


  • Students are required to have completed our Intro to 3D Modeling and Basic 3D Modeling courses.
  • SKILLS LEVEL: Beginner
  • 3D Studio Max is required to complete the lessons.


  • Short, easy to consume videos for maximum memory retention.
  • Learn what is being taught in expensive college programs for a fraction of the cost.
  • Practical assignments throughout the course to put into practice what you’ve learned.

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