Environment Artist Boot Camp


The Game Arts Academy Environment Artist Boot Camp

A 12-week transformational, hyper-focused crash course that will empower you to become a better environment artist. 

Stop wasting time and spinning your wheels going nowhere.

Feel confident with your environment art skills and where your career is headed.

The environment art boot camp is a step-by-step journey that awakens the creative spirit within you, so you can feel alive and free in your life. You will gain the exact tools you need to confidently express yourself and create beautiful, immersive, brave new worlds.

Keep your skills up-to-date with the latest in environment building technology

Be one of the first to utilize and build a stunning environment with UE5 in the GAA Boot Camp

If you’ve been feeling…

  • Scared that you may never build a career in the game art industry that you love and enjoy so much
  • That you don’t know what to create, how to start, or if even if what you’ve started is good and worth continuing
  • That you have a lack of purpose and clear direction
  • Embarrassed, because you told your friends, partner or family that this would work out and it hasn’t yet
  • Not satisfied and happy with your life & you feel frustrated and ready to give up
  • Like you waste tones of time on distractions when you know you should be working on your portfolio
  • You have a sinking feeling inside that you should be working on something but don’t know where to start

Let go of your past failures – Now! What if it was possible for you to…

  • Feel confident that your art not only is good enough but GREAT
  • Learn the exact methods that the pro-environment artists are using in the studios
  • Know exactly what mistakes you are making in your process and never make them again
  • Understand what it takes to create beautiful, interactive 3D worlds
  • Position yourself to feel better about the direction in your life
  • have the knowledge and skill to produce great art over and over again
  • Develop a strong portfolio, that will turn heads and get you noticed

Environment Building Boot-Camp

  • Taught by actual industry veteran artists who are currently working in the industry
  • Work on and complete your flagship environment piece for your portfolio
  • Learn the latest game engine technology using Unreal Engine 5 and Lumin lighting
  • Focus on a small environment with a focus on quality, not quantity
  • Get e-mail reminders with assignments and milestones sent right to your inbox
  • Over twelve weeks of content

The summer boot camp is a step-by-step journey that awakens the creative spirit within you, so you can feel alive and free in your life.

You will gain the exact tools you need to confidently express yourself and create beautiful, immersive, brave new worlds.


Week 1 – Project Kick-Off

– Introduction to the project

– Tips for success

– Gathering reference

Week 2 – Story is King

– Start from the foundation of developing a good story and knowing what
the best environment is best suited for you to greatly enhance your portfolio.

Week 3 – Grey Boxing / Proxy Mesh 

– Create a block out that helps you to properly develop composition, balance, and style.

– Composition techniques: Learn how to work with the composition of a 3D scene

– Efficiency and speed: Learn how you can use free downloadable assets from Turbosquid to speed up the time it takes you to visualize your scene

Week 4 – Tileable Textures

– Tiling techniques: Learn the basics of creating tile-able materials for walls, floors and ceilings, and other surfaces

– Do’s and Do not’s: When and how you should and should not use tile-able materials

– Quixel Megascans Library: Sourcing tile-able scanned materials from Quixel Bridge, why you should absolutely take advantage of the Quixel library

Week 5 – Lumin Lighting in UE5

– Lighting techniques: Feel confident understanding the fundamentals of Lighting an Environment.

– Foundations: Learn the ropes with the basic foundations of 3D lighting

– Do’s and Do NOT’s: Learn the common mistakes of lighting so that you never make them again

Week 6 – Advanced Baking Techniques

– Unwrapping skills: Feel sure that you are unwrapping your objects the right way and massively improve your UV packing skills

– UV Stacking: See how you can take advantage of UV stacking to improve the resolution of your assets

– Do’s and Do NOT’s: What to look for when analyzing a texture bake

Week 7 – Advanced Substance Texturing

– Tips and tricks: Think outside the box and learn the tips from the years of experience of our coaches

– Speed up your workflow: Learn shortcuts that will make you much faster

– Advanced Material set-up in UE5: Create a master material for all your assets that will give you greater control over the look and feel of your surfaces

Week 8 – Zbrush for environment art

– Sculping for environment art: Learn when and where you should make the call and use Zbrush for your environment pieces.

– Zbrush tips and tricks: Learn some quick tips and shortcuts to help you add that extra level of polish to your assets.

Week 9 – Photogrammetry

– Photogrammetry techniques: Learn the workflow for scanning objects with a phone or DSLR

– Clean-up: Understand how to evaluate and clean up scanned objects

– Optimize: Learn how to quickly generate a low poly mesh from a high poly scanned object

Week 10 – Polishing your scene

– Working with sky atmosphere and cloud systems: Use the sky atmosphere systems to give your scene a realistic horizon

– Using fog for atmosphere: Work with volumetric fog and lighting to introduce a sense of mystery and ambiance

– Decals: Learn to use decals to add incredible levels of detail and storytelling to your scene

– Using VFX to bring life to the scene: See how you can bring in pre-made VFX from Epic’s sample projects into your project

Week 11 – Post Process Techniques 

– Creating LUT’s in Photoshop: Create a LUT texture in Photoshop to tweak, color, contrast, hue, and saturation.

– Working with auto-exposure the right way: Finally understand how auto exposure works and learn how to balance it for a more vibrant scene.

– Balance settings: You will understand how post-process is a balancing act between the various settings. See what they all do and how they work together.

Week 12 – Final Renders

–  Final Renders:  Create the highest quality renders possible and learn some techniques in Photoshop for added sharpness and clarity

– UE5 Camera Set-up: Set up your final shots for your portfolio piece

– Create a video: learn how to quickly create an immersive video of your environment for your portfolio

– Thumbnails- Use the fundamentals of design to come up with an effective thumbnail that recruiters won’t be able to resist clicking

Is this environment-building boot camp right for you?

This is the training you’ve been waiting for if…

  • You take risks, despite being scared. If you don’t take a chance and make a significant change, your life will stay the same. You are thinking that this is crazy, why should I do this?  But you’re more scared of staying where you are in 5 years.
  • You’re tired of not getting anywhere after watching Youtube video after Youtube video.  You’ve watched all the tutorial videos but you’ve been going so slowly your head could explode.  This is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss, and there is an action that needs to be taken.
  • After consuming course after course to improve yourself, you’re ready to go to a master’s level and really improve your game.  You know an opportunity when you see it.  “This is the chance to really get professional coaches to support me on my journey and I’m not letting that chance pass me by!”
  • You’re a self-starter and when someone shows you the way, you jump on it.  You’re ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL and nothing is going to get in your way and stop you this time.  You secretly know inside that you were made for greatness and you’re not going to let anything get in your way.
  • You’ve graduated from a game development course in college or are self-taught to a component degree. You already have portfolio pieces completed and understand the basic workflow of 3d art development.
  • You’ve already created a AAA flagship environment piece and you are looking for a disciplined system of study to help create your second, supporting environment

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