EXTILE PLUS Non-repetitive Tiling Material Plugin

V1.2 Apply grout as normal to “cut” any texture into a pattern.
V1.1 Organic breakup parameters for seamless materials (not available in the basic Extile).

EXTILE was created to eliminate the ugly repetitiveness associated with tiling textures. Using random noise algorithms it can eliminate repetitiveness in both geometric and organic type textures. EXTILE PLUS is the more powerful version of the original EXTILE . It now allows you to create many surface effects that would otherwise require more complicated workflows giving you endless possibilities with just one material and one texture set. In addition it now offers you the option to use a 4 quadrant atlas texture.

It comes with a plethora of new capabilities including grout definition giving you more realism when applying effects. Random color effects, multiple cutout effects including adding a surface backside with texture and dirt mask parameters, texture-less random displacement effects, a UV pattern generator letting you create different patterns including chevron patterns as well as circular configurations, adding a second texture set, height based dirt and z-up puddles, texture baking and more.

All of EXTILE’s functionality has been dissected into modular material functions letting you to create your own non-repetitive materials. Optional use of the Megascans live link.



Technical Details

4 X Extile Master Materials:

·    EXTILE_PLUS_DISP (Displacement master)

·    EXTILE_PLUS_POM (Parallax Occlusion master)

·    EXTILE ORIGINAL_DISP ( Displacement of original Extile )

·    EXTILE ORIGINAL_POM (Parallax Occlusion of original Extile)

·        7 X Unique Layered Material Masters examples using Material functions (Including organic breakup material for organic style textures like ground etc.)

·        27 X Material Instances

·        1 X Bake Texture Blueprint

·        33 X Material Functions including:

Geometric and organic randomization functions, random seed generator, procedural quick mask and splat mask generators, Z-up puddles, height based function, dirt function, grout texture calculation, UV pattern generators, world aligned functions, height based functions, various utilities and parameter functions including quadrant selection, world aligned functions and more.

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