Fabric Displacements 1

Four 4K fabric micro displacements to quickly and easily add details to your clothes and gear.

Plain Weave: One of the most basic and common weaves and is widely used in both fashion and furnishing fabrics.
Basket Weave: A variant of the plain weave that creates a visible checker pattern, often used for outerwear and drapery since it is stronger.
Twill Weave: Creates a diagonal pattern. Most commonly seen in jeans but also used for shirts, jackets and hats.
Satin Weave: A finer weave that makes the fabric shiny. Often used for lingerie, sportswear, ties and eveningwear.


  • Detailed and simple version of each fabric weave
  • Displacement (32-bit and 16-bit), Normal and AO
  • Files are in .exr and .tif file format

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