Face Sculpting Bundle

🔹Sculpting a Realistic Female Face in ZBrush

Learn how to sculpt a realistic female face in ZBrush in this Premium Tutorial by FlippedNormals. You’ll see the entire process, from start to finish. The goal is to teach you a methodical and well-tested approach to making female realistic faces time and time again.

🔹Sculpting a Realistic Male Face in ZBrush

Sculpting a realistic female face is very different from sculpting men, as it all relies on being extremely subtle with all your strokes and moves. Throughout this tutorial series, we’ll be covering just how important subtlty is, and how to achieve it.

🔹Sculpting the Facial Features in ZBrush

In this fundamentals sculpting series, you’ll learn how to sculpt the essential facial features: Eyes, Nose, Ears and the Mouth. Every section starts off with the theory behind the facial feature, which will serve as a foundation for all your future sculpt. Next up, we show you how to actually sculpt the facial feature.

Free Chapters

Software Used

  • ZBrush


  • MP4 files
  • Custom ZBrush Interface
  • Final sculpts with notes

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