Fantastic – Nature Pack

FANTASTIC – Nature Pack

If you are in need of high quality stylized nature assets this package is perfect for you! With FANTASTIC – Nature Pack you can easily build and populate beautiful stylized environments. The assets are compatible with Unity Terrain which makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently create what you envision.


3D Assets:

  • 12 unique trees which can be customised with 4 different tree trunk textures
  • 15 Stones
  • 44 Plants with vertex maps for wind movement (in Unity)
  • 22 Camping Set assets
  • Trees and stones have each 3 LOD levels
  • Each asset has a custom lightmap in its second UV channel
  • Adjustable colors for grass and plant shaders

2D Assets:

  • Handpainted skyboxes for day and night
  • 12 tileable textures
  • 3 atlases for plants
  • 2 atlases for the Camping Set
  • 5 additional textures for FX and other decorations

Shaders: (compatible only with Unity)

  • Customisable shader for water
  • Customisable shaders for grass and tree leaves wind movement and colour
  • Custom shaders were created using Unity Shader Graph

FX: (compatible only with Unity)

  • Stylised particle effect for fire, steam, flying leaves and fireflies

The Unity project is set up using Lightweight Render Pipeline. The Unity package is compatible with Unity 2019.1.0 and above.

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