This pack includes:

  • Mecanim ready girl character, 35 skins;
  • Modular interior for creating cyberpunk multi-storey building interiors (corridors, stairs);
  • No any captured data used. Handmade work of art only.

Version 2.4 (Unity 2019.3.10+), HDRP only.


Girl character includes:

  • 35 skins;
  • sensitive to light eye pupil;
  • lips ‘glue-like’ effect;
  • speech phonemes for making lips-speech directly in Unity – see videos (by keyframes, like animator do);
  • muscle, soft tissues tremble, tension, flexing;
  • 2 types of skirt (free & formfitting) – separate skinned mesh;
  • eyes direction system including eye morphs for realistic correcting of eyes weight table (handmade morphs);
  • eyes blinking system;
  • eye micromotion system for realistic gaze simulation;
  • morph system for smile and some face expression simulations (handmade morphs);
  • speech phonemes for reproducing conversational facial expressions – skin, tongue, teeth (handmade morphs);
  • morph system for realistic muscle flexing simulation of limbs (controlled by scripts depending of bones angle) (handmade morphs);
  • breathing simulation (chest movement);
  • skirt morph system repeating thigh position (fitting cloth);
  • some makeups;
  • some hair styles;
  • neon glasses;
  • space helmet.
  • Night club from video is not included;
  • Cyber girl without dance animations.

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