FLAT+ANGULAR Brushes – 26 Custom Brushes for Photoshop CC

26 custom Photoshop brushes that I made to support my digital painting workflow, which involves applying and blending a variety of flat, angular textures and patterns. Includes a bonus two-hour video demo (no audio) and layered PSD of me painting the cover image photostudy using these brushes.


MM Block Hard — I use this for blocking in shapes with just a bit of texture. Also useful to quickly push paint around as a Smudge tool (at 100% strength.)

MM Marker III (Azimuth) — a messy chunky marker. A go-to brush for blocking in shapes. Turns into a line if you paint lightly!

MM Smudger — my default brush for soft blending with the Smudge tool.

MM Rocky Block — I use this to paint shapes that I want to have some texture and rough edges.

MM Rocky II — applies an abstract, rectangular texture. One of my favorites, I love using this to create rocky visual interest. (Great for the Smudge tool too!)

MM Rocky II (Follow) — a version of Rocky II that follows the brush direction. Great for painting sides of rock formations where there’s a clear directional flow to the shapes.

MM Rocky II Round— a variant of Rocky II that puts down rounded shapes. (Useful for ground.)

MM Mounds — Mounds of dirt, hills, distant plateaus, etc. Pen-pressure determines how flat or tall the shapes are (harder = taller).

MM Cracks (Follow)— For shadow cracks in the hills, highlight ridges, and more.

MM Messy Rake (Azimuth) — A rocky rake brush, good for indicating more regular rock strata, or messy repeating line textures.

MM Scatter — apply chaotic shapes, or rough-up edges with the Smudge tool.

MM Tris —  an abstract, triangular scatter brush. Great for energetic polygonal notes.

MM Speckle — great utility brush for a variety of speckle effects / highlights.

MM Thick Grass (Follow) — great for clumps of thick wild grass.

MM Tall Grass (Follow) — Tall Timothy grass blowing in the wind.

MM Foliage — A texture that can quickly indicate leaves and vegetation. Also useful to build up rough/rocky surface textures.

MM Scatter Leaves — Triangular leaves in a scatter pattern.

MM Shrub (Radial) — spin this around in a tight counter-clockwise circle to paint bushes.

MM Pines II — Scatter triangular pine-tree shapes. Pressure determines height (Harder = taller).

MM Tree Tops — For when you need to paint just the tops of bushes, or distant deciduous trees (for example light hitting the tops.) Pressure determines roundness (Harder = rounder.)

MM Circle Scatter — Scatter circles, good for distant bushes or deciduous trees.

MM Spikey (Radial) — this can be used in a tight circle for spiky shapes (like Yucca), or painted straight across for stark, triangular grass. Also creates interesting results as a smudge tool!

MM Flowers (Follow) — stylized triangle flowers. Sprinkle these on top of grass in a bright color for flower accents.

MM Chain Y Plant (Follow) — for dead plants and vine-y, crawler-y things.

MM Chain Leaves (Follow) — symmetric geometric leaves and stem that will follow your stroke.

MM Chain Leaves II (Follow)  — same as above, but rounder & more compact leaves.

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