This is the free version of the FlippedNormals Fabrics.

Check out the full version here:

FlippedNormals Fabrics

All maps provided are 1024 x 1024 with RAW exr and PNG files included. These world-class maps will instantly make your clothing and fabrics stand out from the crowd. Simply drag and drop the maps into your favourite 3D software and you’re ready to render. It will work particularly well with ZBrush, Mari and Substance Painter!


All the maps found in Fabrics are 100% tileable – making them ready to be used for all purposes in a flash. No longer will you have to worry about your fabrics having nasty and revealing seams.

Normal, Height & Ambient Occlusion Maps

Fabrics contains all the maps you’ll need to make stunning fabrics, from raw maps which contain all the information you’d ever need – to ready made height, normal, ambient occlusion and alpha maps.

Production Tested

FlippedNormals Fabrics were developed while deep in the trenches of high-end VFX and they have already been used on some of the most stunning movies out today. Whether you work in VFX, gaming or you’re just passionate about fabrics, this will perfectly suit your needs.

Quick Concepting with Fabrics

Play around with 1 free map to quickly try out different looks for your work. Within seconds your work can drastically change with FlippedNormals Fabrics.


Learn how to use the FlippedNormals Fabrics with ZBrush and Mari.

 Files Included

  • 1 free fabric map – containing: AO, Normal, Alpha, ZDepth
  • All maps as .png and .exr files
  • Map resolution: 1024 x 1024


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