Flippednormals Mega Kit

This is the ultimate FlippedNormals Mega Kit Bundle! It contains our best kits for making characters, and includes world-class character VDM brushes, alpha maps and eyes. The FlippedNormals Mega Kit is designed to make your work excel, and includes all the tools you need to take your characters up to a professional AAA and VFX quality level.


With this bundle, you’ll gain access to:

FlippedNormals Eye Kit

The FlippedNormals Eye Kit provides you with instant, drag-and-drop, realistic eyes for your characters. The eyes work for both VFX and Games and can be used for everything from extreme close-ups to distant shots. Get instant, realistic eyes for all your characters and creatures, whether you’re working in film or games. You get brown, hazel, blue, green and grey eyes.

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FlippedNormals Face Kit

With the FlippedNormals Face Kit, you can make realistic face details in minutes! Adding pores and skin details becomes a pleasure, no matter what software you’re using. With almost 100 unique alpha maps, you get all the variation you need to make incredible faces.. The Face Kit works for both young and old characters and holds up on extreme close-ups.

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FlippedNormals Skin Kit

With the FlippedNormals Skin Kit, you can finally create incredible skin in minutes instead of hours. The kit contains everything you need from – pores, scales, leathery skin and much more. With 40+ hand-crafted maps, you can add skin details to any character or creature. 10+ tileable maps are included to give you a skin base in seconds.

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FlippedNormals Creature Kit

Get over 170 hand-sculpted and carefully crafted brushes to satisfy your every creature design need. You can mix and match the brushes together into an unlimited amount of character designs. Create stunning designs quicker than ever before. It contains VDM brushes for anatomy, beaks, ears, eyes, horns, mouths, noses, teeth and more!

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