Florence Cathedral 3D Environment | Exterior & Interior

Florence Cathedral 3D Environment | Exterior & Interior

This is a 3D Model of the Florence Cathedral also called “Duomo” o “Santa Maria Del Fiore” that contains both the outer and the inner part, the interior is slightly edited from the real-life version adding a full altar at the middle with some chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The whole model contains 250+ individual assets instanced across the whole scene, and it contains 900+ total objects within the scene.
The files contain the purchased part of the cathedral plus a file of the modular kit used in the scene all laid out in the ground plane for you to use as you like.

The files also contain all the textures used in this scene, except the material variants like the red and white fabric that are just node arrangements within your software or the glass that just uses a transparent material that you’d have to work yourself.

If you want to get all the substance painter files used for the textures, contact me directly and I’ll hand them to you for a predefined price.

The file format used is mainly a .blend file with all the materials already set up, if you wish to get the unreal engine 5 scene from which all the renders were made let me know and I’ll add it to the file list. Added to the .blend file you have the .fbx and .obj file for the church model and the modular kit.

All the assets contained in this project are already UV mapped and it contains a second map channel for the lightmap if you ever need it.

Whatever you ever may need you just have to contact me on my page and I’ll do everything I can to help.

Enjoy the model and use it as you please.

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