Foggy Wet Bonsai Terrarium

This is a very detailed model of a bonsai terrarium..

As you can see from the renders it looks realistic, even in extreme close-ups. We used the new geometry nods feature that has been added to blender recently for the soil detailed particle effect. You can play with the geometry node system inside blender if you want. However, we made sure that soil particle effects are also applied for those of you that just want to render it out quickly. There are one set of 4k textures for the bonsai tree, one set of 4k textures for the glass and another set of 4k textures for Small Plants and Rocks.

– All Texture sets contain:

  • Base color map
  • Metallic map
  • Roughness map
  • Normal map
  • Height map
  • Ambient Occlusion map
  • opacity if necessary

Vertices: 1,504,000 with the soil particles, 321,510 without soil particles.

check the wireframe renders for more detail.

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