Forest Kit One

Forest Kit ONE

Forest with aesthetics based on high mountains in rural areas. Fir Trees, cedrus, pine and other trees are typical among other plants and trees.

Automaterial landscape with autograss and interactive collision in all vegetation. Advanced 8-layer material optimized with Virtual Texture adapted to the latest UE4 technologies.

Mountaineering cliffs are added via mesh to add both near and or far-view mountain peaks to the scene thanks to displacement map and tessellation, achieving optimal use of resources with a high degree of visualization of the final finish.

The full level delivered has a consumption of between 50 and 75 FPS in an average pc i7 4790k 32Gb Ram and GXT970 with all settings at maximum without object culling.
To upload the project follow the instructions in the PDF file provided in the download.

Available from UE4 version 4_25

Technical Details


  • Collision interactive
  • Automatic Grass
  • Tessellation and Displacement Map according to distance in Landscape.
  • Tessellation and Displacemnt Map in Cliffs Mountains.
  • Alpha Brushes for sculpt landscape
  • 1 Landscape Material with 8 layers. Slope based
  • Trees: 38
  • Plants: 45
  • Deadtrees and Tree Stumps: 8
  • Rocks photogrammetry: 8
  • Cliffs: 5, add 6 Cliffs Mountains
  • Blueprints Splines: 1
  • Vertex Paint based in 4 layers
  • Grunge option in all objects, not in foliage
  • 1 Level sample, with 50 to 75 FPS in I-4790K 32Gb Ram and GTX 970

Meshes: 113

Collision: Yes, automatically generated and Custom.

Vertex Count: 18 to 47010(CliffMerged)

LODs: Yes, 1 to 5

Number of Materials: 10 (1 Landscape Material and 1 Parameter collection)

Material Instances: 123

Number of Textures: 205 (64×64 to 8192×8192)

Texture Resolutions: 64×64 to 8192×8192(cliff)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Documentation: 1 illustrative file inside the project

Important: Available from UE4 version 4_25

Contact: [email protected]

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