Mysterious Forest

Forest Mysterious

From UE 4.25 version

Collection of various exclusive designs to create or complete horror, mysterious or fanciful scenes of all kinds. Landscape Automaterial with Virtual Texture.

Most objects are suitable for any natural scene, such as fallen trees, roots, rocks, etc, too.

Many objects have been used photogrammetry and have been adapted to the scene later,

All objects optimized for gaming or archi-viz. PC I-4790K 32Gb Ram and GTX 970: 40 to 69 FPS in full level.

With Vertex Color you can paint objects easily and simply. The mysterious roots, moss and wetness give a perfect finish to every object in the scene. Modify the contrast, saturation, and grunge to suit the scene as desired.

Very elaborate landscape textures indicates the theme of the pack with displacement map , use them for any purpose of high quality demands.


  • Wind per Vertex paint.
  • Photogrammetry high resolution.
  • Automatic Grass
  • Lods with Billboards
  • Distance Field ON.
  • High Photogrammetry resolution.
  • Tessellation and Displacemnt Map in Cliffs Mountains.
  • 1 Alpha Brushe for sculpt landscape
  • Collision interactive (Off by default)
  • 1 Landscape Auto Material with 8 layers.
  • Grunge option in all objects, not in foliage
  • 2 Level sample. 40 to 69 FPS, Read in important about resources
  • Advanced Vertex Paint moss, root and wet.
  • Runtime Virtual Texture in Landscape

Blueprints: 6 prefabs

Number Meshes: 98

Collision: Yes, custom, automatically generated.

Vertex Count: 30 to 53.317 (clif) Triangles.

LODs: Yes, 3 to 5 ( include billboards)

Materials: 9

Parameter Collection: 1

Material Functions: 4

Material Instances: 129

Number of Textures: 150

Texture Resolutions: 128 to 8192×8192(cliffs)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No

Documentation: TUTORIAL

Important: PC I-4790K 32Gb Ram and GTX 970: 40 to 69 FPS in full level.

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