Free Chapter – Miniatures Sculpting Masterclass – Shield Demo


My name is Bob Plociennik, welcome to my class!

I’m a senior digital sculptor with over 8 years of experience working in the miniatures industry. For the past four years I’ve also been running a class Miniatures For Production in Ryan Kingslien’s Vertex School.


This is a free chapter of my full course: Miniatures Sculpting Masterclass, that can be found on my store:

Miniatures Sculpting Masterclass


In this short video I demonstrate you how I approach creating a simple shield.

If you enjoy it, and want to learn more, feel free to check out the full class!


The Miniatures Sculpting Masterclass course is in essence everything you need to know, to be a miniatures sculptor.

In this 18 hours of video material split into 20 chapters, with no cuts, no time-lapses, full voice narration, showing and explaining every step of the way, you learn everything that’s needed to start working on your own miniatures!

We start with an idea in mind, and finish with all the files of a miniature – ready to be printed.

Main focus of this course is on sculpting miniatures in 32 mm scale, but the demonstrated techniques can be used in many different scales equally well.

The full course is designed to be useful for people of all skill levels, so we included an introduction to Zbrush for the first time users, that can easily follow instructions, but in the later episodes we don’t shy away from using even the most advanced tools to our advantage.

The full course includes:

– learning basics of Zbrush

– explaining principles of designing models for production

– custom user interface for Zbrush

– blocking out anatomy of human figure including book recommendations

– detailing the anatomy model

– creating many different types of equipment

– posing the character

– creating movement in clothes and hair

– adding fur and chainmail

– cutting model into pieces for printing

– rendering images for clients

– exporting parts in proper scale and hollowing bigger pieces

– working with different physical materials in mind

– adding supports for printing

– many more valuable tips and tricks

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