From Marvelous Designer to Zbrush: the Missing Link

From Marvelous Designer To ZBrush: The Missing Link

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the whole process of creating digital clothing. We’ll begin in Marvelous Designer (v9) and move on to the fundamental part of the whole process – the link between MD and ZBrush. In this stage, we’ll explore some basic tools inside Topogun as well as broader modeling concepts that can be applied in any 3D application. We’ll go through some modeling principles that help create a clean and accurate look and a surface that is easily sculptable and modifiable during the later stages. We’ll then move on to ZBrush where we will treat every element with care to create as believable and convincing clothing as possible utilizing the power of topology and foundation we create after MD. In the final chapter, we will look at the model inside of Marmoset Toolbag 2 to check the results.

Throughout the modeling stage, we’ll be using 3Ds Max and Topogun 2, but the majority of the tools or their equivalents should be available in other applications like Maya, Modo, Blender, and so on.

The point of the tutorial is to show the importance of the stage between MD and ZBrush. This is the stage that in many ways defines the way the results are going to look. Precision, accuracy, esthetical consistency, and beauty can be achieved by different means, this one, however, is one of the most efficient ones.


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  • Focus on details as well as the broader aspects

    Just the right balance in his focus on the details of production and the broader aspects of dos and don’ts in workflows and pipeline integration.

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