This is a Screen captured video of my workflow to create a full hair groom (Hair, Eyebrows and beard) from Zbrush Fibermesh to Maya Xgen interactive grooming tool. With this Workflow you are able to use the easy zbrush grooming and the useful Xgen modifers (Clump, Noising…)

This is a cropped video from a longer process video of the full bust creation, You can check it on my marketplace.

The videos are not narrated.


  • .Txt File with the hidden youtube video (1080p 30fps)
  • The total video is 4h:23m:31s
  • Polymesh hair creation to preview the style
  • Fibermesh grooming (Hair, Beard and Eyebrows) following the mesh style
  • Exporting Fibermesh to Maya Xgen Interactive Grooming Description
  • Maya Interactive grooming clean up with the use of Region Maps, Clump Mask and Noise Mask
  • Arnold Hair Shading


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