Fx Lines

FX Lines

Of all the graphic effects you can use in cartoons, one of the most commonly used falls under “Line FX” The two assets included in this pack are my solution for impact lines and trail lines.

  • Impact lines
  • Camera radial zoom lines
  • Camera linear zoom lines
  • Trailing motion lines
  • Light trail
  • “Ta-Da” effect
  • Zip tunnel

The pack contains fxLines.ma and impactLines.ma – two geo line generators that are about as plug and play as anything you’ll find in my marketplace.  Check the video for the detailed description of how they work – but basically you can handle all kinds of line fx with these rigs, and have tons of control over customizability and look.

If anything is unclear or you require new features please get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you within 25 hours.

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