Game Environment Creation in Blender

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Emiel Sleegers always had love for video games and when he was young, he started using Unity3D for programming but he found himself gravitating more towards the art of making games. Now he is currently working as an environment artist in Ubisoft. He contributed to creating AAA games such as Forza Horizon 3 and The Division 2. His all time favorite game is The Last of Us and that video game is what inspired him to want to work in the game industry. His advice for beginner artists is to focus on one aspect of gaming that they are passionate about, stick to it and get better at it. His hobbies include anything related to games or films, whether it be working on personal projects, freelance work or going out for movies.

Course Info

In this exciting tutorial, you will learn the professional way of creating a game-ready submarine corridor from start to finish using Blender, the Substance suite and unreal engine 4.

We will go over in detail on how to model modular walls that can be used to construct our corridor.

After that we will start modeling modular pipes using the high to low poly modeling technique and use that to construct all the piping networks that are in our scene.

Finally, we will model some smaller assets like a metal door, some signs and a fuse box to dress up our scene.

Once modeling is done we will move into Substance Designer where we will be creating a tileable painted metal texture that we can use on our walls and other assets.

Then we will move our high poly and low poly assets into Marmoset toolbag where we will be baking the assets and generating our texture maps. At which point we will bring everything into substance painter and start texturing our assets.

We will also generate special masks which along with a custom shader in unreal engine 4 we can use to dynamically change the color and dirt amount on our assets.

Finally, when everything is done and ready to go we will import everything inside Unreal Engine 4 and start building our level, create our lighting and post effects and some final polish to really make the level shine.

I am excited to show you all these techniques that you can use so you can become a better environment artist. Turn up the heat and ignite your skills. Keep adding new knowledge, new workflow, new tactics to grow and expand. Life is about growing and reaching your fullest potential.

Take action and start committing to your success today. Join me in this amazing course and let’s get started.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a game-ready submarine corridor from start to finish
  • Create detailed modular wall models and pipes
  • High to low poly modeling technique
  • Create tileable painted textures
  • Bake assets and generate texture maps
  • Generate special mask for dynamic color and dirt modifications
  • Create lighting and post effects

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic knowledge of Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, Photoshop and Unreal Engine

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to create better 3D environment that is professional and will enhance your portfolio

What is included in the course:

  • Video files
  • Project files


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  • Instructure clearly doesn’t know blender, and the first thing he does as a part of the tutorial is to download an add-on to use blender as he was using 3DSMax. Also, he eyeballed a large portion of the modelling without any symmetry or modifiers which is quite hard to watch and difficult to digest coming from someone who is working in a AAA giant like Ubisoft. Honestly, I appreciate the attempt and I have no douth he has amazing skills in Substance and Unreal but I am having a hard time getting through the Blender bit.

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  • A lot of knowledge, but the Blender cringe is REAL !!!

    Pretty much similar to the Ancient Ruins and tutorials – interesting topic, great experience and knowledge, highly professional use of Substance, but Emiel is VERY uncomfortable with Blender.
    Rest of the tutoring is outstanding, but the Blender part (which is kinda half the cake) is painful to watch. A lot of time wasted there, doing things the hardest and most convoluted way possible.

    Emiel, mate, please – Blender can be A LOT faster than 3DSMax. Learn the techniques and hotkeys and put them in good use for the next tutorial.

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  • The knowledge is there but...

    Just like YakiPasandi’s review, it’s clear that the instructor don’t know how to use blender. I too, am an intermediate blender user and it’s awful to see them say “Why do something more hard than it should be” when they clearly do something way more hard (not modifiers or symmetry while working, ie) than it should be. It’s frankly frustrating to watch. I don’t understand why the instructor felt the need to use blender instead of a program they were comfortable with. The first thing the instructor does is install a plugin that changes all the hotkeys to 3Ds Max. That’s cool for me – an intermediate user who knows how to model the results I wanted, but if anyone who is not familiar with blender or a 3D software saw this, they would not be able to follow at all. But this is a intermediate course after all? But seeing the first thing they do install a plugin that changes all the hotkeys for a program is a really, really strange way of teaching.

    The biggest problem is it feels like the instructor is wasting time. It could probably been edited down to 20 hours if you’d right all the wrongs the instructor does. I’d love to see more timelapses, edits where things go wrong, and even pauses in the tutorials of like 2 seconds where we could see the whole node graph in UE4 for example. There’s alot of “do this” and not “we’re gonna do this- because…”.

    In the end I don’t think this course is very good. If you follow it correctly you will get the result advertised but the lazy editing (almost none, unless technical difficulties and even then it usually takes the instructor 2 minutes of trying to fix it before cutting away), bad habits when it comes to teaching, too fast or too slow instructions (no real flow that is easy to follow), instructor lacks focus in what to do next and takes alot of time to “have a think”, BUT they also give great professional tips in between that. However, I would still not recommend it.

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  • Don't publish a course if you're still learning the software

    It feels like the instructor is learning Blender along with the course. As a Blender user, many hours could have been saved if the instructor would have used simple math and the mirror modifier. He’s eyeballing so many things, it’s cringy. So many selection techniques he could have learned that would save him and us a lot of time.
    Sorry, it just doesn’t feel so professional.

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  • Great Blender to UE4 tutorial

    This tutorial is great to learn Blender 2.8 and UE4. The price is great on a sale for 50%. This course has a lot of video content and it contains also the UE4 project files.

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  • Struggle

    There is a lot of content here for 19.99$ which is nice but there are a lot of steps during the modelling process in blender where mirror modifiers could have been applied and changing pivot points and origin points and mirroring based on that that could have saved so much time. Grabbing objects and setting the cursor to objects and then adding new objects is also much easier than adding an object and eyeballing it and lining it up which happens quite a bit in this tutorial. I’m currently stuck at a part in marmoset toolbag where I bake low poly and high poly and import them to marmoset but the nuts and bolts aren’t baking properly because I’m not sure if the instructor joined the bolts to the main parts of the pipe and then baked them because it’s not explained well. There was one part where the video started and we had to uv unwrap the model(pipes) and I was not sure if we had to do it for the high poly models or low poly models or both because it’s not explained until the very end of the video. All of my low poly models are unwrapped and now during the bake I’m getting errors in the mesh for high poly models. That being said I have learned to clean up models because of all the mistakes during the modelling process. The instructor really knows substance painter/designer really well. I realize I’m not finished the tutorial but I keep getting stuck because of steps being missed(ie folders all being made in a particular way). I’m sorry if this was a harsh review, the victory 3D guy is really good I’m just not sure blender was the right program to instruct if you’re currently still learning it as well.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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