Game Ready Eye

– The Product:

I’ve put together this Game Ready eye model to share with you in your projects. This kit is meant to provide a drag and drop solution for high quality eyes. Not only will the final models and textures be included but also a scene that has multiple shaders. You also gain access to the source assets which allow for future tweaks and modifications if you choose to make them.

– Included in this product:

  • Final game eye model FBX along with source files for both Maya block out mesh, as well as Zbrush high poly sculpt, also the bake meshes
  •  All texture maps used to create the eye, along with utility maps in baking the model such as curvature, thickness and others.  Original source asset file for Substance Painter included.
  • Final marmoset presentation scene which includes 2 different shading models for the eye provided.

– For use with:

  • Marmoset Toolbag 3.08
  • Zbrush 2020.1.4 or above
  • Substance Painter 2020.2.1 or above
  • Maya 2018 or above


Hope this asset is useful in your projects. If you have any feedback or ideas on future products I would love to hear.

-Asset List:

  • FBX Files
    • Eye_Mesh
    • Eye_High
    • Eye_Low
  • Marmoset Files
    • Eye_Bake
    • Eye_Presentation
  • Maya Files
    • Eye_Basemodel
  • Substance Painter
    • Eye
  • Textures
    • Bakes
      • Eye_IrisColor_AO
      • Eye_IrisColor_curve
      • Eye_IrisColor_height
      • Eye_IrisColor_normal
      • Eye_IrisColor_thickness
      • Eye_IrisDepth_ao
      • Eye_IrisDepth_curve
      • Eye_IrisDepth_height
      • Eye_IrisDepth_normal
      • Eye_IrisDepth_thickness
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_ao
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_curve
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_height
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_normal
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_thickness
    • Final Textures
      • Eye_IrisDepth_BaseColor
      • Eye_IrisDepth_Cavity
      • Eye_IrisDepth_Fuzz
      • Eye_IrisDepth_Normal
      • Eye_IrisDepth_RMA
      • Eye_IrisDepth_Spec
      • Eye_Low_IrisDepth_HGT
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_BaseColor
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_Normal
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_NormalMask
      • Eye_ScaleraColor_RefractionDepth
      • Head_DetailNorm
  • Zbrush Files
    • Eye

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