Game Ready – Realistic Eye Pack

Get quick, realistic eyes for all your characters projects, whether you’re sculpting, game developing or working in film.

The Realistic Eye Kit is a easy way to quickly push your characters to the next level. Get ready to level up with a huge variety of realistic eyes for your characters. The eye kit is perfect to work with in both production level VFX and virtually any game project you might have. Quality and flexibility give you room for every use case, including close-ups.

Wide Range of Eye Colours

The Realistic Eye Kit includes 54 iris variations divided in 3 main colour types;

  • 16 Blue Colour Irises
  • 25 Brown Colour Irises
  • 13 Mixed Colour Irises

Wide Range of Customizability

The Realistic Eye Kit has several customizable parameters;

  • Customizable Iris size
  • Customizable Pupil Dilation
  • Customizable Vein Intensity

Wide Range of Flexibility

The Realistic Eye Kit has several texture sizes to give you the ultimate flexibly when it come to optimising your resources.

Iris texture sizes;

  • 265×265
  • 512×512
  • 1024×1024

Sclera texture sizes;

  • 1024×1024
  • 2048×2048
  • 4096×4096

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